Alberta Readers' Choice Award

Sponsored by the Edmonton Public Library, the Edmonton Public Library Alberta Readers’ Choice Award is awarded annually for the best fiction or narrative non-fiction book written by an Alberta author. The prize is valued at $10,000 with the prize going to the winning author. 

40 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
50 Percent of Mountaineering is Uphill Book
Art Lessons Book
Gatekeeper Book
Paper Teeth Book
Son of France Book
A Wake for the Dreamland Book
A Novel
Book - 2015 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Lind
Road Trip Rwanda
A Journey Into the New Heart of Africa
Book - 2015 Viking 967.571043 Fer
Rumi and the Red Handbag Book
The Battle of Alberta
The Historic Rivalry Between the Edmonton Oilers & the Calgary Flames
Book - 2015 McClelland & Stewart 796.96264 Spe
Come Back Book - 2014 Alfred A. Knopf Canada Wieb
The Social Life of Ink
Culture, Wonder, and Our Relationship With the Written Word
Book - 2014 Viking, an imprint of Penguin Canada Books Inc 667.409 Bis
Thief of Glory
A Novel
Book - 2014 WaterBrook Press Brou
Who by Fire Book - 2014 Doubleday Canada Sten
Winterkill eBook - 2014 Amulet Books Click URL
Almost A Great Escape
A Found Story
Book - 2013 Goose Lane Editions 940.5472 Tra
Come Barbarians Book
Pilgrimage Book
The Dilettantes Book - 2013 Freehand Books Hing
The Unfinished Child Book
419 Book - 2012 Viking Ferg
I Know Who You Remind Me of Book
The Shore Girl Book
The Tinsmith Book - 2012 Brindle & Glass Bowl
Travels Along the Barricades
Book - 2012 Goose Lane Editions 910.4 DiC
Fall From Grace Book - 2011 Forge Arth
Freddy's War Book
In the Suicide's Library: A Book Lover's Journey Book
Nobody Cries at Bingo Book
The Antagonist Book - 2011 House of Anansi Press Coad
Bitter Medicine
A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness
Book - 2010 Freehand Books 616.898 Mar
Cinco de Mayo Book
Letters From the Lost
A Memoir of Discovery
Book - 2010 Athabasca University Press 940.5318 Wal
The Grizzly Manifesto
In Defence of the Great Bear
Book - 2010 Rocky Mountain Books 599.7840 Gai
Too Bad: Sketches toward A Self-portrait Book
Bomb Canada
And Other Unkind Remarks in the American Media
Book - 2009 AU Press 303.48271 All
Buying Cigarettes for the Dog
Book - 2009 Freehand Books Ross
Fishing for Bacon Book
The Forgotten Explorer: Samuel Prescott Fay's 1914 Expedition to the Northern Rockies Book
The Frog Lake Reader Book - 2009 NeWest Press 971.054 Fro
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