National Book Critics Circle Award

A group of awards presented annually in the U.S. by the National Book Critics Circle to promote "the finest books and reviews published in English."

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Binocular Vision
Book - 2011 Winner, Fiction, 2011
Nominees: Edith Pearlman
Available in some locations
George F. Kennan
Book - 2011 Winner, Biography, 2011
Nominees: John Lewis Gaddis
327.730092 Gad
Available in some locations
Liberty's Exiles
Liberty's Exiles
Liberty's Exiles American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World By Jasanoff, Maya
Book - 2011 Winner, Non-fiction, 2011
Nominees: Maya Jasanoff
973.3 Jas
Available in some locations
The Memory Palace
Book - 2011 Winner, Autobiography, 2011
Nominees: Mira Bartók
616.898 Her
Available in some locations
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