California Young Reader Medal

Awarded annually to outstanding fiction and picture books in five categories, and voted on by young California readers.

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Book - 2015 Winner, Middle School/jr. High, 2019
Nominees: Pam Munoz Ryan
j Ryan
Available in some locations
Emmanuel's Dream
Book - 2015 Winner, Picture Books For Older Readers, 2019
Nominees: Laurie Ann Thompson
jsb Thom
Available in some locations
The Bear and the Piano
Book - 2016 Winner, Primary, 2019
Nominees: David Litchfield
je Litc
Available in some locations
The War That Saved My Life
Book - 2015 Winner, Intermediate, 2019
Nominees: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
j Brad
Available in some locations
Written in the Stars
eBook - 2015 Winner, Young Adult, 2019
Nominees: Aisha Saeed
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