No Relation

No Relation

A Novel

Book - 2013
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May 18, 2019

No Relation by Terry Fallis was light reading, good fun and humorous! I found this book worth reading and at some point I will read it again! Well done...

Sep 03, 2016

A light, sometimes amusing story. I don't think I'll look for any other works by this author, though.

Jun 06, 2016

I could tell the places where Fallis thought he was being funny, but I found no amusement in this book. The writing is bland, and the plot predictable. Boring.

Mar 26, 2015

This was a very entertaining, light, quick, fun read. I can't say it was as good as Best Laid Plans which was very engaging as an idea. Here we have a nice man who has a super bad day and then goes on to have a lot of good days, ending with a happy ever after. We meet a lot of characters only briefly, but enough to get a sense of their quirkiness. I personally would have enjoyed more of them but the book is all about Earnest Hemmingway. I think this would be the perfect beach book - easy to read (one day for me) and not mentally taxing.

If you can get through the first 200 pages with its boring, self absorbed protagonist, the final few chapters with the attempted take-over of the underwear business is a great read.
I think Fallis wrote this book so he could use travel to Paris and South America as a tax write off for his writing income.

Feb 04, 2015

This book had a simple but fun plot. It was funny and a bit silly at times but I still really liked it.

Jan 27, 2015

I love Fallis' work, wish he'd write more!

Bliane Oct 08, 2014

light and funny.

CookingFrog Aug 05, 2014

wordy, long, self centered. Not much fun for the reader to experience this laborious attempt at writing a book. The humor is so forced. Best Laid Plans had some worth but this one is a completely botched. an embarrassment for Fallis.

Jul 22, 2014

Nice light summer reading, but can't compare to The Best Laid Plans and The High Road. Those were tales that really had me laughing out loud.

Jul 03, 2014

Thoroughly enjoyable read! I always enjoy Terry Fallis books and this was no exception! A nice light, quick read with likeable characters and humourous situations. Read this and all of Terry Fallis' books for a feel good reading experience!

ehbooklover Jun 12, 2014

A light and engaging read about the importance of family and friends and of following your own path. Not as laugh-out-loud funny as some of Fallis’s other titles, but still an enjoyable story filled with interesting characters and lots of humourous situations.

Jun 06, 2014

If you read this you will get exactly what you have come to expect from Terry Fallis. A fun, clever, entertaining story. This will be a great summer read for those who appreciate a little humour in their books.

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