Life of Pi

Life of Pi

A Novel

eBook - 2001
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Jun 10, 2020

Life of Pi is a terrifying fiction starring Pi Patel on the most unbelievable journey of his life. It is wonderful and frightening, sparing no gruesome detail with its casual writing style. This novel may begin peacefully in India with animals, people, and places that seem overly mundane and simple, but when Pi finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere all of that changes. Martel writes in such a casual style that is far too easy to get swept up in. I highly recommended this for anyone seeking something different, and no doubt this novel would be excellent for any school book report. 5 stars
@EcoGeek23 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

A novel about mortality, survival and believing in a story that is actually fictional. If you are a fan of survival or faith, I would definitely recommend this novel to you. An Indian boy named Pi is on a journey where he experiences hallucinations due to being in a state of malnourishment. The novel consists of many symbols that represent Pi's faith such as a lifeboat, the ocean and a Bengal tiger. Being an Indian myself, it was amusing to read the explanations on Indian relationships, values, and culture throughout the novel. A very unique book based on religious beliefs, zoology, faith and much more. Give this novel a read! 5/5 stars
@Bookland of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Jun 09, 2020

A boy is stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger and needs to learn how to survive.

5/5: This story punched me in the gut. This novel is slow and long, but it left me with themes that struck a cord with me. I recommend you read this novel if you're interested in greater ideas of religion, life, and fiction. I really loved this novel.

The twist at the end really flipped everything on it's head for me. The end re-contextualized everything for me, and suddenly the novel's themes were clear. Looking back, I can't really recall what specifically resonated with me in terms of the plot. I feel like this novel as a whole is one big philosophical and abstract lesson, and I didn't expect that, but I loved it. I hope to re-read this one day and take all the details in while understanding the bigger picture.

What I Take Away: We need storytelling in religion to help us understand the bigger moral lessons religion is trying to teach. If we let rational thought ruin our belief in stories, then we miss out on the bigger picture. We live life with suffering. We survive with it. Fiction is necessary. Fiction is important.

Jan 05, 2020

Boring book, but good movie.

VaughanPLDaniela Nov 28, 2019

I have been told this is a book you either love or hate. I love it because it tackles themes of faith, love and mortality through the unlikely relationship between a young man and a wild tiger.

Jun 14, 2019


Oct 12, 2017

I found that watching the movie before reading the book actually helped visualize some of the imagery. Pi's view on life and religion is inspiring. Excellent plot and difficult to put down.

Sep 27, 2017

"This book will make you believe in God."

Or not.

This book made me feel that whoever wrote the line above didn't have a clue about what might make anyone believe in god...or anything about islands or meerkats, either. This book seemed to be a metaphor for a lot of things, but I couldn't care enough about it to waste my time trying to guess what it might be. It was interesting enough to read...and silly enough to make me hoot when the absurdities cropped up. It assumes readers are either a lot smarter or a lot stupider than they probably are; I felt "used" after reading this book. But I was able to finish it and I can't say that for every book out there.

Aug 23, 2017

Life of Pi By Yann Martel is not one of my favourite novels. I first decided to start reading Life of Pi because I was bored, but I honestly found the book pretty slow. I honestly thought the novel was going to be better than it was because it was hyped up in the media (especially because of the newest movie release). For example, I actually really enjoyed the beginning of the book, it was pretty interesting to understand people’s perspectives on zoo animals, and how they actually live a good life. However, once the actual story started and Pi was left with the tiger, the story became way less interesting. In my opinion, I think a person would either love Life of Pi or hate it, because sometimes the story is hard to follow and seems unrealistic. Overall, the book was alright, and I would rate it a 2.5/5. @Montgomery of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

What I have enjoyed mostly about the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel was the creative story line. It was interesting how the author included the concept of religion with the life of a young castaway boy (living on a rescue boat with a tiger). There wasn't anything I had disliked about the book, as the author had done a splendid job with the plot. I felt that this book was like one of those survival genre-based books. If you are interested in these types of books and are interested in learning about some religions this book is for you. When you read this book, you will feel as if you are in his situations. I rate it a solid 5. @SirAbstractCanvas of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, is a fiction, adventure novel about a young Indian boy and his journey with religion and spiritualism. Written with many different changing perspectives throughout the novel, the majority of the book is told by the protagonist, Pi, himself. I feel as though this novel conveys its themes and messages very clearly through the use of literary devices. Although I read this novel for a class assignment, I feel as though this book has helped open a new perspective for me. The message about religion and faith is very original, and something that has changed my view on this topic. I recommend this novel to anyone with an open mind and heart, looking to be enlightened. I give this novel 3.5/5.
@TheCuriousBookworm of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

An inspiring fantasy novel that focuses on faith, the human mind and spirit. This book is about a young boy named Pi Patel who is the son of an Indian zookeeper that is planning on moving to Canada. But the ship that they are on sinks and Pi’s entire family dies. Now the sole survivor and on a lifeboat, Pi is met with a tiger, hyena, zebra, and orangutan. Pi -- an Indian vegetarian that has never been on a ship before -- has to survive in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat full of animals. A story about determination, courage, and heartache which will fascinate, excite, and sometimes bore you. Rating 5/5
- @Henny_Lee of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 10, 2017

one of my favorite books.

Mar 20, 2017

Beautiful book! I could not put it down. It gave meaning in the writing and had you reflecting each climax.

Feb 03, 2017

I quite enjoyed this book. Having jst finished it I am not sure if I would read it again, thus I would actually give this book a rating of 4.5. I had attempted to read it about 4 years ago and it fell to the wayside after the book was stolen from me and I didn't feel compelled to pick it up again. I had watched the movie but I didn't find it memorable as when I read the book I didn't remember much about the film other than the scene with the flying fish because it was visually striking. I found it easy to read and manageable with the short chapters (seriously, one of my favourite things about books). I particularly liked the bit at the end with the Japanese translation. I didn't find that at any point the book was dragging or I was skimming bits. Quite a solid read.

Dec 21, 2016

I read this book once a few years ago, and I never really appreciated it for what it was. Reading it again, I really found that this book contains more then meets the eye. The ending changed my whole view of the book, and I'm glad I re-read this again.

trevordunfordswife Nov 24, 2016

It must be said again, this is an extraordinary novel. Yann Martel has crafted a true masterpiece, a once-in-a-lifetime book that will stand the test of time and live up to anyone's expectations. 'Pi' Patel, named after a swimming pool (!) begins life in India and works as a zookeeper's assistant for his father in the family zoo until the day his dad takes the family and some of the animals to America in an unsafe cargo boat. This novel describes what happens during that ill-fated crossing. It is a complex read. The events themselves are simple: the quotidian survival tasks he must perform to exist at all, let alone with Richard Parker on the ready are juxtaposed with his innermost thoughts on God, religion - indeed, all religions, in fact just about everything and anything you can think about on a long ocean voyage all by yourself! The movie was surprisingly good but cannot compare to the shades of complexity that lie within this amazing novel.
Highly recommend to anyone who likes to think.

ArapahoeHannah Aug 08, 2016

So much philosophy and need for survival. My heart tugged at this one.

kisanet18 Aug 08, 2016

This was a great read! Fascinating observations about the relationship between man and animal and theology.

Aug 01, 2016

This book is both smart and thoughtful. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

TSCPL_ChrisB Jun 02, 2016

Life of Pi has its low moments in equal measure to its high moments. But the high moments are so great that one must forgive the sections that were a bit difficult to get through.

May 24, 2016

good book, good movie

May 14, 2016

Good book

OPLReads Mar 03, 2016

Oakville Public Library's online book club, Oakville Reads, is discussing Life of Pi in March 2016. Please join us!

Aug 22, 2015

An extraordinarily excellent book that gives inspiration and courage to readers after reading.

Aug 09, 2015

This book was generally pleasing and enjoyable. I personally thought that at some parts there was too much description and some paragraphs were too heavily laid with descriptive words. If you are not into religion, I wouldn't recommend this book, but I find that many will enjoy it's fresh sense of humour.

Aug 06, 2015

A wonderful book and commentary on the life of a man surviving on a raft with a tiger. Or is it? Imaginative and strange and wonderful and made into a movie as well.

yellow_wolf_107 Aug 03, 2015

This is a truly great book, my 4th time reading it, totally recomend it for ages 11 and up.
if you aren't into religious books, please don't read.

WVMLStaffPicks Dec 23, 2014

As they flee India for a new life in Canada, the ship carrying Pi Patel, his family and their zoo animals mysteriously sinks and Pi is forced to confront his fate while sharing a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. What ensues is a fantastical tale made real by Martel’s brilliant characters. Like the lifeboat scenes that dazzle the imagination, the story of Pi’s childhood and flashes of his future are absolutely brilliant.

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