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Jul 27, 2017

It was hard to adjust to the free form, almost poetry style of writing in this book. Sort of cliche as far as the rape, falling in love and getting pregnant goes. But overall, it's a great read.

GCPL_Teen Jun 29, 2017

The path Kristina takes from straight-A student to drug addiction serves as a warning to the reader of the dangers of drug use. Hopkins' works are all fast-paced and riveting. The interpersonal drama is just as compelling as the protagonist's inner struggle.

laurauk Apr 08, 2017

16+ for adult content. Crank is first in the Crank trilogy: Crank, Glass and Fallout, all written in free form verse. In Crank, teen Kristina develops alter ego Bree to cope with her spiraling relationship with crystal meth. A good choice for the reluctant reader and a read alike for Go Ask Alice.

Feb 13, 2017

Amazing author/poet. Looking forward to reading more of her works!

Dec 19, 2016

I can't read this type of free verse

Katelyn Geiger
Nov 14, 2016

Haven't read yet... I really want to I love all of her works she really is a powerful writer... Can't wait to read.

Aug 08, 2016

First Ellen Hopkins book I read...and I loved it.

Jul 19, 2016

Crank is a quick but very heavy read

I wasn't too fond of the peotry format at first (i just generally don't like poetry), but it really suited the story and themes and gave the character a sparatic voice.

The story is a bit stereotypical, she uses once and gets hooked, lashes out at her mom, loses her friends, gets raped trying to get more meth, falls in love, gets pregnant. But it is still a realistic and common story of addicts.

Jun 16, 2016

I love the way Ellen Hopkins writes.

May 14, 2016

powerful and sensitive

Sep 08, 2015

Didn't think I'd like this book as much as I did . Read it all in one sitting as it was so good . Kept you wondering what was going to happen next . Really like the way the verse was written also . Recommend it .

Ellen Hopkins creates an experience unlike anything else in her books. Through verse, she drew me into this world and into Kristina's brain. There's a lot different ways to read the text, so this is can be either a quick read or something to be really explored. While it is a little over the top in places, I ultimately read Crank in one sitting and I highly recommend it.

Oct 13, 2014

This book was amazing! It had this factor which made you feel like you were actually in the book and experiencing everything that she was. The way the author wrote it made it so much more original. Kristina's journey was so realistic and something I feel that perhaps many teens can relate too. She was the perfect daughter until she went to visit her father. That is where she got hooked on the monster. The monster changed her from good to bad aggravating her alter ego "Bree". Twisted love lifes and the struggle of school lead up to so many un called for surprises. I personally was so pleased with this book. It taught me that there are so many issues with the fact that so many teens are dealing with drugs and all the consequences that come with it. Crank also portrayed that teens can be blinded when it comes to love and sometimes that is a good thing and at other times it is bad. Ellen Hopkins has a way of making you feel like you are in the book as the characters. The way she words things and by the way she demonstrates how such popular issues can be experienced by anyone. I would recommend this book to any teen out there. More specifically to the ones that want to take a trip into a completely different type of reality. A reality that is so common in the lives of teen but at the same time so unknown and not frequently talked about. So if you need a book to free your mind I recommend Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

Bscianno Jul 14, 2014

I have had certain experiences with drugs in my life, witnessed it ruin many peoples lives and so reading this book just shows you how true someones life can be permanently damaged just by making one horrible decision.

Jun 26, 2014

I read this book for the first time back in high school and have read it several times since. It is definitely one of my all time favorites. READ THIS BOOK, you won't be sorry. Also try Glass, and Fallout although they aren't quite as amazing.

Aug 26, 2013

I would consider reading more of her books. This story was such a roller coaster, with one tragedy after another, written exclusively in a beautiful poetic format. I could not help but finish it in one sitting. Hopkins wrote this story through the eyes and voice of her daughter, which leaves it at times hard to believe that that was what her daughter may have been feeling at the time, but her effort it still so plausible and truly heart felt.

Jun 03, 2013

I was turning pages like I was on crank (which is meth, apparently). The short journal entries on each page make for lightning fast reading and surprisingly it does NOT get annoying when it turns out the entire book is told in teenage free verse poetry.

Unlike Go Ask Alice, I can actually believe the journey this girl takes into drugs. I can even almost believe this is a teenager’s diary, which is a rare feat in the genre.

Mar 03, 2013

I picked it up and started reading and I had it finished the same day. I couldn't put it down because of how good it is. It shows that addiction can happen to anyone, even the straight-A good girls. I love it. One of my favorites.

Oct 30, 2012

Praise Ellen Hopkins.

Oct 09, 2012

I really enjoyed this book, and I liked how it showed some bad things that could happen to a person if they start doing any type of drugs, and how easy it is to become addicted, no matter what social class you're a part of. However, there were a couple things that I didn't think were completely realistic. First of all, Kristina is supposed to be a really smart, "good girl" type, none of her friends/family do drugs, and she never mentioned being curious about doing drugs, yet the first time a cute guy offers her meth (when she goes to visit her absentee father, who also does meth), she tries it. When she goes back home, she's constantly on meth, skipping and failing classes, sleeping way too much (there was a time when she slept for 20 hours staright) or not at all, loses her old friends and starts all of a sudden hanging out with different people, nearly drains her bank account buying more drugs, and never eats, yet her parents, family, and old friends somehow don't notice or say anything?! Personally, I think that's a bit unrealistic. However, I still learned a lot from this book. I love Demi Lovato, and reading this book helped me to understand why she did cocaine (meth and cocaine are pretty much the same thing, right?) - to curb her appetite (she struggled with anorexia and bulimia), keep her energized enough to keep up with her crazy busy schedule, to curb her mood disorders (depression/bipolar), etc. There was even a scene where Kristina cut her wrist and drank her own blood while she was high at a party. I also found it pretty drastic that she started smoking cigarettes (which she had never tried before), started drinking heavily, tried LSD, and lost her virginity, all immediately after she started meth. That just shows how much trying drugs just once can change you forever, and make you do things you never thought you would do. Sorry for the long review (I basically summarized the book for you!), I just had a lot to say about this book!

JennComishen Aug 10, 2012

Another great book by Hopkins. One of my lesser favourites but still awesome. The poetry in these books are awesome, and are super understandable. The fact that this and glass was based off her daughters own stories, is something else.

bribrijr5 Jul 31, 2012

Anyone planning to read this do not be fooled by the comments saying the poetry makes it a slow read. Most poetry is much more difficult to comprehend. The poetic format used here is comprehensible- there are definitely some lovely lines where the poetry really stands out, but overall, I think the format is used to give the classic story of addiction an interesting twist. Props to the author. Glass is another great book, Fallout I thought was alright, but not as good as the prior two. However, I would also recommend Identical. Aside from Crank, it is my favorite book by Ellen Hopkins,

GirlofNYC Jun 28, 2012

Although the book was on my To-Read List for a while, it was kind of predictable.

zay_nab22 Jun 18, 2012

This is the very first book I ever read by Ellen Hopkins, and I absolutely loved it! (as well as its sequels, Glass and Fallout). I love Ellen Hopkins style of writing, and I love every single one of her books!

priti123 Jun 14, 2012

i felt like i was actually experiencing the whole thing !

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