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Aug 03, 2019

Sorry to anyone who is reading this. Chester hacked this review after it was posted and rewrriten some of my stuff. I cannot undo his red writing, so I just left it there. But anyways, Chester was a charming little book, and I dissagree to anyone who thinks it is just a little kids story. Sure, it does not have a ton of character development, and it is more of a back and forth between the author and her cat (the cat totaly wins by the way), but it was generally fun to read. It has a ton of comedy, the most notable of which is when Melanie gives Chester a tutu at the end of the book. That is some great illustrated comedy for any child. It is also some surprising motivation for any future writers. When Chester interveens the story (which he never does), his drawings are much simpler then Melanie's, but he still tries to make up his own story (which are way better)! This can show kids that no matter how great you can draw, it cannot judge if you can become a writer. All you need is to try to do it. So if there are any parents who need a new and funny book for their kids, you should totally get Chester! 4/5 (No, it is actually 10/5, because Chester made it sooooo great!) @BooksRUs of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Dec 01, 2016

We loved reading this book to our daughter. It's fun for kids and parents alike!

vpl_childrens Aug 02, 2016

Chester is a cat with an attitude and a red pen. He uses that pen to rewrite the mouse story that his author Mélanie Watt is working on.

Jun 16, 2016

What a funny book!

Jul 03, 2015

It was so CUTE and HILARIOUS!!

emckenzie Aug 18, 2014

The concept of this book is adorable and written in a way that is generally playful and patient instead of mean. I clarified this book when I read it to my older preschool kids by saying " Melanie said..." but Chester didn't like that so he said "...". They still found the plot a bit hard to follow but still funny enough to request that it be read again another time. The illustrations are brilliant and the storyline is easier to follow on a second or third read through.

May 02, 2014

Original and hilarious — as much for the parents as for the kids. I have to admit though, that I winced when I saw the punchline [spoiler alert]: the author embarrasses Chester by putting him in a pink tutu. I don't like the archaic pink = girly theme, so I found it a bit of a bummer that the author couldn't have found a more clever, up-to-date way to put Chester in his place.

MariePat Jul 23, 2013

Chester tries to take over the book! Cute story!

JewelMcLatchy Oct 01, 2012

Instant classic. Love both the French and English versions.

ChristyH Feb 21, 2012

My kids could not stop laughing when they were reading this. Melanie Watt has another winner with Chester!

librarylin19 Mar 16, 2011

Even though Chester is trying to take control of the book, he's still sweet and lovable. Better for one-on-one viewing as opposed to reading aloud to a group. There is so much to see - you can actually read the book from cover to cover!

Apr 23, 2009

blue spruce09

Saphira Apr 22, 2009

My husband and I bought this book - for no one but ourselves! Yes, it's that much fun, and reminds us both of the 'tude that both of our calicos display, um, frequently!

greatreader09 Apr 02, 2009

Absolutely love the way this book is written. Something different makes it fascinating, and motivates children to read.

baller123 Mar 30, 2009

this book is so funny and dum

johnmarshall Mar 24, 2009

I like chester because it is very funny and happy. I like when chester keeps on butting into the mouse story with his red marker.I ewould rate it 5 stars.
alyssa -John Marshall

helenfisher Mar 18, 2009

Melanie Watt strikes again. I love Scaredy Squirrell and now I love Chester! This book is great for a shared read with a partner. One person can assume Chester's role and one can read Watt's words. My daughter and I love doing this. We both love this book!!

I like the part when Chester wrote Melanie Watt and it was so funny! (Adelaide -age 6)

Stephen Gartshore Mar 13, 2009

What an interesting, interactive book this is! My students LLOOVVEE this one. It "thinks outside of the box"...literally!

Tonja Walsh Mar 12, 2009

You should see the amazing Watt/Chester-style art that our students did after reading Chester!!

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