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I really like this book but i think its moving a bit slow.

Nov 29, 2015

wow, this should have been called "Effed Up". But I'll stick with Zoey and see how things turn out. She is still interesting. The one irritating propensity the author is developed is to end several chapters with dire-sounding cheaters like "I was to regret that statement". I really hate when authors do that. I mean, I'm reading the book, so I will find out what happened, right? first person hindsight is, frankly, cheating and a cheap literary trick.

Aug 17, 2014

I don't think I can read these books anymore. I have been debating whether or not to continue them since I picked this one up. Now, I think I have realized that it is just not worth it. Which is sad, because I was so excited for this series when I read the first book that I feel I'm giving up too soon, but I just can't deal with Zoey anymore. I mean, it seems like the writing and word choices are too immature, like when Zoey uses the word gay as in she's happy and then she thinks '(gay, hehe)'. I mean, seriously? What? It just gets on my nerves. Then, I simply cannot deal with her drama issues. Juggling three boyfriends? Really? What she did with Heath? And Loren? No, I can't understand this level of stupidity. No thank you. What I did like about this book, though, the reason I gave it 2 stars, was everything that had to do with Stevie Rae. I thought that part was really interesting, if a bit cheesy.

Jul 15, 2014

This was a good book but I could think of some ways it could be better.

Jun 24, 2014

Read this book in 1 day!!! Absaloutly love the House of Night series.

Jun 11, 2014

Amazing! This series gets better and better! I stay up till all hours of the night reading PC Cast!

Feb 16, 2014

Loved it

SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 18, 2012

i luv it luv it luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 22, 2012

whats after chosen ?!

Aug 30, 2011

In my personal opinion, compared to the rest of them, being the third book in the series, you have to really make things interesting and this book didnt stand out like the rest of them. By the 3/4 mark of the book it made you disgusted with Zoey and just start hating her. It was a really hard book to sit through and finish reading. I did in fact enjoy the end of the book, when neferet finally admits to zoey what shes been doing and planning. Though I'm quite glad Zoey and her boyfriend split, I didn't like how it was so highschool about it. I'm sorry but calling her a sl*t in different words just didn't do it for me. When I started reading the book, I thought it was going to be a fatastic book with so many twists and turns (though it had many of those) it was not a great suspence story.

Aug 29, 2011

I belive this is the first correct me if i'm wrong. Great book and not that confusing quite a simple start but after mabey 3 books I was a vampire fan born again. ;) great series and suspensfull but I won't give away anything except for nothing is as it seems and anything could happen in the H.O.N. Merry meet.

Jul 15, 2011

This book was so good! The series keep getting better and better :D I really started to hate Zoey for 3/4 of the book but then at the end I started to like her again! I feel so bad now that she has no friends/boyfriends :( And I still HATE Neferet, & I knew that Loren was evil!! I can't wait to read the next one! I REALLY hope Zoey and Erik get back together, it broke my heart when they broke up </3

Jun 07, 2011

I really enjoyed this series. P.C. Cast is a great writer

Mar 07, 2011

Well , if you put the aside the stereotypical teenage drama, main character's shallow personality, and incredibly obnoxious others the book was decent.... wait, no, it wasn't. The amout of sexual content in there aone is revolting! How can you possibly let an 11 year old read such material? Mych like Twilight it creates the utopian society which every young girl will want to live in and makes believe that it is the way eveything should be. I understand it is fiction but nt good one. Over all, very shallow and unthought through.

Dec 25, 2010

so gud!! sum parts wernt right but other wise, i really found zoey 2 be a very fustrating character!! she sumtimes felt bad for eric and sumtimes she care bout him!! so wierd:)

michellerina Aug 15, 2010

loved it. chosen can get a little dirty at times, but other than that, great!

Jul 18, 2010

Okay, I'm going to say this: this series is awesome and all but I had to stop reading after the what she did at the end of the book (I'm not going to say because kfo spoliers)-- I didn't finish it until a month later because I was too angry to read the rest. Now I'm back to being addicted to them.

fabcbooks123 Jun 21, 2010

I couldn't stop reading this series!!! I would definately reccomend this book!!! Another series I would reccomend would be Vampire Academy and The Morganville Vampires-WOW alot of Vampire books!! These are the only series I would truly read for fun!!!!

Jun 13, 2010

This book seemed to move more quickly than the others did to me. More interesting, keeping me on the egde of my seat and wanting to tear up. I wasn't loving some of the sexual stuff that comes into play and wanted to slap Zoey sometimes but, still a very good read. I guess that the main point is to like the book, not the character. Can't wait to pick up 'Untamed'

Mar 25, 2010

Awesome book! I love P.c Cast!

Feb 27, 2010

oh!! i just loved this book!! i wish that are world was like that! it would b very awesome and i loved all of it i like couldnt put it down like not even to eat! until i was completely done.

Jan 29, 2010

sooooo good! :D

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