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Jul 23, 2018

This book was pretty good and I really enjoyed it! I found it very compelling and intriguing, and I loved the setting, plot, and characters. And of course, I want to read the sequel, "Emergent".
[Spoiler alert] It would be so cool if Emergent was from Elysia's child's point of view. He would have so many questions about everything! I imagine Elysia telling him: "I murdered your father..." That would be so crazy!! Of course, I'm only making this up because I have no idea what the sequel is about.
This book does contain sexual content and use of drugs, so I'd recommend it to ages 15+.

Aug 02, 2016

just finished this book. needing a sequel immedietly! ending really suprised me

Jun 26, 2015



Karun Joseph Jul 18, 2014

Okay. This book was okay. In my school we had to pick a book for summer reading from a list, so I picked this one because I'm into books about cloning. Now I regret choosing this book. I like the concept of clones in a futuristic setting but that was about it. I'm 13 and this book was talking about sexual things way too many times. SPOILER ALERT: It really bothered me how in the end Ivan.....did something so nasty to a person he called his sister.
I'm sorry to the people who thought otherwise, but I didn't really like this book. :(

Sep 04, 2013

I really liked the concept of this book: clones, betas, aquines, their role in society, etc. That was what gave the book its 3.5 stars.

I didn't like the storyline and how the authour chose to write it. There were many times in the story when I really wanted to give up on it and to stop me from thinking that, I had to read the last very page of the book to see if it had an interesting ending. It did. And that made me curious about the rest of the book, so I continued it. Although I knew there was an extremely interesting ending to the book, I had to skim most of the book.
Most of the book was dragged on too much. Instead of being 331 pages, I could imagine it being around 200 pages.

I would only recommend this book if you have nothing else to read. It isn't that bad of a book, but paranormal fans would be disappointed. In my opinion.

JewelMcLatchy Aug 06, 2013

Completely captivating first book in a new series about the ethics of human cloning, this is set in a future dystopian time period after the Water Wars and when both the Hustle and the Macarena are considered ancient dances. Somewhat similar in style to the movie The Island, but with enough plot differences to not be a copycat. Definitely looking forward to the sequel, set to be released in 2014.

Jul 11, 2013

READ THE BOOK? SKIP DOWN TO THE "---" Ok. Just a warning. Fair warning. I will be talking, and without planning, I might ACCIDENTALLY SPOIL PARTS OF THE BOOK FOR PEOPLE. Haven't read this? Give it a try then come back and read this. --- I read this, and loved it for too many reasons to explain. My friend read it, and hated it. She said she hated how Elysia didn't know anything, and instantly trusted those around her. At first I defended the book, saying it was because she had just emerged as a clone, but I am re-reading it now... And I see what my friend meant. All the times Elysia immediatly goes along with what is happening and doesn't question anything really changed my point of view on the book. I think the first time you read this, you either love it or hate it. If you love it and re-read it, different parts of the book stand out more and change your opinion or perspective of this book. --- I do recommend this. Good read. If I could, I'd give it a 4.2. Above mediocre, but not OHMYGODTHISISAMAZING. 4.5 stars is a bit high, I think.

Elysia is cloned from a dead girl and sold to a wealthy family on a luxury island. She supposedly cannot feel or think for herself, but she is a Beta, and she soon discovers she has a whole self yet to be explored.

Jun 05, 2013

really cool book, I like the whole everything isn't as perfect as it seems thing

Mar 25, 2013

it was an ok book started out good but got dull in the middle. i skipped to the ending so i know what happens and its set up for a sequel

Jan 19, 2013

Amazing book, looking for a sequel now!!!!

Jan 13, 2013

This book is amazing I am totally & is there a sequel?

Jan 09, 2013

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!! The author just captures everything PERFECTLY!! I literally LOVE this book soo soo much, u should totally read it! Trust me!!!! Cant wait for sequel :)

snazneen Jan 01, 2013

dot\nt judge a book by its cover i thought it was gonna be bad but I SERIOUSLY COULDNT STOP READING ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD AND tons of drama love and murder :OOOO trust me im wating for the sequel its amazing

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