Plague Town

Plague Town

Book - 2012
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In the small town of Redwood Grove, people are succumbing to a lethal strain of flu. They are dying--but not for long. Ashley Parker and her boyfriend are attacked by these shambling, rotting creatures that crave human flesh. Their lives will never be the same again. When she awakes Ashley discovers that she is a "wild card"--immune to the virus--and is recruited by a shadowy paramilitary organization that offers her the chance to fight back. Fatally attracted to her gorgeous instructor, and bonding with her fellow wild cards, Ashley begins to discover skills she never knew she had. as the town falls to ever-growing numbers of the infected, Ashley and her team fight to contain the outbreak--but will they be enough?
Publisher: London : Titan Books, 2012
Edition: 1st ed
Description: 357 p. ; 18 cm
ISBN: 9780857686350
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bbontr2261 Oct 12, 2015

I really liked this book. I'm not usually into the zombie genre, but really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. Agree, definitely not for the squeamish but brings up some provoking thoughts about pandemics.

BB1017 May 23, 2013

I've read a few zombie books, but after reading this one, I can't even recall those other titles. The author is completely unafraid to describe horrific things, and is absolutely comfortable making the readers squirm (i.e. some of the zombies are very small children, one of the zombies is described as having a stick stabbed through one eye, another zombie is described eating what once was his wife's face, etc.), so if you're squeamish, this isn't the book for you. Something that I really enjoyed about this book was, there wasn't just one story-line going on. Yes, most of the book is about Ashley and her adventures being a katana-wielding wild-card, but the author also throws in small tidbits featuring zombies and their 'thoughts,' survivors and their stories, and how a few people ended up as zombies. This is very unique, and I love that Fredsti includes this. I'm giving this book 5/5 stars, because the zombie genre is very difficult to write, in the way that it could either seem awesome and epic (as this book was) or it could seem like a typical, cut-and-paste story (you know, starts with Patient 0, a few people get the sniffles but doctors say it's no big deal, and then all of a sudden, pandemic. The rest of the story is the characters talking about it/running away/hiding with very little action and leaves the reader closing the book and wondering why s/he picked it up in the first place). I don't have anything negative to say about this novel.

Dec 03, 2012

12/11 - I can't believe how good this is. I have never read a zombie book, but I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead and some of the zombie movies and this is like reading a plot from one of those movies or tv shows. It has everything I could have wanted in a zombie book, if I had actually thought about what it should have. It has a great, strong female lead who doesn't freak out and run screaming at the first sight of a zombie, in fact she reasonably calmly kills the zombie with a bread knife while the boyfriend looks on in disgust. She then later helps corral said boyfriend when he turns into a zombie after being bitten. It has well-described zombies with Fredsti not hesitating in regards to giving great detail of the zombie related gore - punctured eyeballs leaking thick, milky fluid, viscera falling out of abdomens, zombie children and more. Finally, it has the perfect secretive government agency who sort of know what's going on, but not completely and are going to recruit are heroine in order to exploit her immunity to the zombie virus. All I want to do is go back to bed and keep reading, but I have to go to work instead - borrring. To be continued... 13/11 - Can this get any better?!! Now Fredsti is referencing and quoting from some of my favourite movies and tv shows, including Buffy a number of times, The Walking Dead (a favourite show of mine; a character in the book thinks to herself that she's seen The Walking Dead and so knows what's wrong with the people attacking her co-workers, she doesn't waste time screaming in terror she just runs to an office and barricades herself in there, hoping the zombies won't be able to break the door down). I love pop culture references within books, I think it shows that the author reads/watches what the fans read/watch, that they themselves are a fan of the genre and haven't simply thought "Oh, that genre is really popular at the moment, I'll jump on that bandwagon and maybe sell a lot of books and become the next J.K. Rowling". That kind of author doesn't really understand the fans, doesn't know what we want, because they're not a fan themselves - they didn't watch the shows and read the books and come up with their own plots and think "I could write something just as good". Fortunately, Dana Fredsti seems to have been a fan of the shows and movies before she became an author, and that is how she is able, so effectively, to include references from the best shows and movies. To be continued... 16/11 - Best book I've read in ages. Perfect amount of sarcastic commentary, pop culture references, gore, romance fuelled by being in a life or death situation, stupid doctor who caused the zombie outbreak with a new wonder drug, mutations of the disease and the promise of sequels. I can't wait for Plague Nation. I hope Nathan, Lil, Professor Fraser and Gabriel are among the characters who follow Ashley into the next book as, besides Ashley they are my favourite characters, plus the ones who show the most promise with character development opportunities. I love the fact that Lil had to go back for her cats (I would probably have to do the same for my dogs and cat), and I have to wonder whether animals can become zombie animals if they bite a zombie or get bled on (a la the Resident Evil zombie Dobermans).

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