SUMMARY: "There once was a Guinea fowl without any spots, which made him feel odd 'cause the others had lots." The fowl writes and asks for some spots to be sent to him. But the wrong kind are delivered. Very large ones ones come instead of small ones. More spots arrive, but they are way too small. The fowl goes through one box after another, none of which will work. Until one day, a box comes with spots "that were wrong in the right sort of way." They were perfect for him.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations were created in watercolor. They consist mostly of the guinea fowl and the spots with a few completely fun twists.
THE GOOD: What brings the most joy to the reader from this story are the fun twists. It begins with a hole in the front cover. Then there is a page where the spots are actually holes in the paper and when you turn the page the fowl is black with yellow spots. It feels like magic (how did those holes go from black to yellow?). There are shiny paper holes and connect the dot holes. I won't give the rest away, but my favorite are the spots that fit him perfectly. They are made with a raised texture so you can feel them. But what I like the most about the whole story is how the guinea fowl realizes that the best way to make friends is to be yourself.
THE NOT AS GOOD: The writing is a bit clunky at times especially when a rhyming verse is split and you have to turn the page to get to the rest. But the illustrations more than make up for this.


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