American Assassin
American Assassin [a Thriller] By Flynn, Vince Large Print - 2010

The American Assassin was an awesome read commencing with Mitch Rapp’s upbringing to assist readers comprehend his full potential. As a 22+ year old adolescent, his character had been portrayed ideally in terms of his reflexes, retributions, speed and response to opposition. Exterminating Hamdi Sharif had been done professionally to corroborate his maturity in decision making. Rapp’s encounter with Stan Hurley helps reminisce the facts of life with Stan being a typical boss - conventional and pig headed in today’s world, but deludes prestige or responsibility during the later stages of the novel.
The appearances of characters like Assef, Abu Radih and Mikhael Ivanov distresses readers with their horrendous treatment. The author's depiction of Irene Kennedy continues to impress. How she and Hurley learn to tolerate each other remains nebulous.

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