Being Jazz
Being Jazz My Life as A (transgender) Teen By Jennings, Jazz eBook - 2016

A memoir about a boy named Jaron who was so persistent in being feminine from early childhood that her parents let her transition in preschool. Jaron became Jazz, who became a famous celebrity due to being so young at the time of her gender transition.

She uses as evidence of that she should be in a female body the fact that she was obsessed with all shades of pink (17), but then admits on the next page (18) that pink used to be a boy color, so how exactly does her obsession with one color prove she should be female? Colors are arbitrary and have no meaning regarding gender except what society applies to them.

Jaron's femininity was probably just her copying her older sister Ari; Jaron would "copy her every move. If she got a purple hair bow, I had to have a purple hair bow, too" (20). It makes even more sense that Jaron would want to copy his sister since he had two twin brothers; so he probably thought that since one brother was exactly like the other brother, Jaron should be exactly like the remaining sibling, Ari. So if Jaron had no sisters, maybe he wouldn't be acting feminine at all!

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