This book really hit me in all the emotions.

With so many different YA romances coming across my desk, this one really stood out for me. It's so much more than just a straight up romance, it tackles very real identity issues.

I've rarely connected so completely with a character the way I connected with Amanda. I lost track how many times I nodded and thought 'yup, I've been there'. I know Amanda and my path are very different, but still.

Meredith's writing was superb for a first time novel. All the characters were really flushed out, even those minor characters like Layla and Anna who we only see a handful of times.

Please read this book. This has been one of the most moving books I've read to date. It's funny, heart wrenching, and emotions.

But more than all that, it's real.

VaughanPLMichael's rating:
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