Great alternative steady paced history book with pictures & diagrams on centrifuge technology.
This key diverging point that Udey & Cohen get private funding to centrifuges to shave off six months off of Manhattan project instead of inefficient diffusion technology.
On par with Harry Turtledove & James P. Hogan.
Cohen in spy work not a stretch. He's more Jack Ryan middle age middle management everyman than kiss kiss bang bang James Bond. Besides his peers too famous to blend in.
Dirty bomb idea from John Campbell magazine nice twist.
Minor quibbles like did president FDR died April 12, 1945, Patton get into car accident, British Empire had softer landing, any operation Paperclip, Greek crisis and what about European Economic union?
Liked the two chapter epilogue in 1962CE in a more hopeful future & on weakened Soviet Union. No treasure-draining arms race. More money on space & civilian program. Fewer proxy wars like Korea & Vietnam. Not sure on CIA-KGB spy wars or more orderly decolonization by European powers from Africa, Asia & Caribbean.
However, still simmering Middle East.
The author's afterwords on truth stranger than fiction just as interesting.

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