Unforgotten The Complete Second Season DVD - 2018

It was good, but the story is too dark.. and depressing.. Great to see the favourite actors, such as Sanjeev! I did not care for the flashbacks, though! They lacked clarity and were too confusing..
It takes a while for the story to take shape.. so, be patient! It will all make sense and come together as the episodes continue!
It is great to see the compassion and warmth displayed by the main detectives.. At the same, time, they show their own humanity and emotion.. and own struggles in their personal lives..
The portrayal of the various characters is an impressive psychological study in its realism.. Rarely, it is black and white in real life, and this series shows the reality of life's traumatic events.. on all participants..
Impressive series, but I wish it was less dark.. can drag the viewer down.. The last episode did perk up some..like a light in the tunnel!

ilovewhippets's rating:
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