THE RECKONING immediately made me realize all the reasons I am a huge fan of John Grisham. When an author writes novels that garner them a huge fan base, it can be difficult to continually write books that rise to the level of their earlier success. After reading a couple recent Grisham books that I enjoyed, but did not love, it felt great to slip into such an amazing acheivment as THE RECKONING.

THE RECKONING is sure to please readers that loved some of Grisham's earliest books like A TIME TO KILL, RUNAWAY JURY and THE FIRM. THE RECKONING deals with such thorny issues as racism, capital punishment, Jim Crow, and war.

Some of the most impactful scenes in the book recount the experiences of a World War II hero, who served in the Philippines during the atrocious Death March and accompanying inhumane treatment perpetrated on surrendering troops, and the civilian population, by the Japanese military. This is heavy heavy material that will shock you by its very brutality. It is also used to explain the character of a man who commits an inexplicable murder.

The reason for the murder is the central mystery of the book. It will definitely capture your imagination. THE RECKONING is a powerful read and a truly excellent story.

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