Our Man
Our Man Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century By Packer, George Book - 2019

Contrary to the comment by the always lucid and insightful "StarGladiator" (see below), I do no think this a fawning account of the diplomat Richard Holbrooke. George Packer ("The Unwinding," "The New Yorker") admires his drive and ambition but is upfront about his arrogance, difficult personality, and womanizing. It's both a biography and a look at the foregin service, from Vietnam to Afghanistan. While Holbrooke never achieved the position of Secretary of State, his biggest achievement was the Dayton Accords, which brought the brutal, genocidal wars in the Balkans to a close. If there's a fault, it's that there is much better, more focused 300 page book stuck in this 550 page book. And Packer occasionally adopts a jaunty first person voice that is rather irritating. Regardless, it's an often absorbing look at decades of American foreign policy, much of it misguided.


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