The early Will Trent stories were always difficult and heart-rendering to read. We cheered him on as he overcame his demons, fears and insecurities. 'The Silent Wife' brings us back to his demons and to those of Sara Linton, which are many and equally heartbreaking.

'The Silent Wife' takes us back to Grant County, to the days of Jeffrey Tolliver, (and yes, his demons), and Lena Adams. I suspect we are not done with Lena Adams. We will probably never be done with Lena Adams.

'The Silent Wife' goes back and forth seamlessly between now and then, connected by heinous crimes, mistakes made and horrible revelations.

I suspected 'who did it' but was shocked at the denouement of that character.

My favorite line comes not from the story but from the author's note at the end -WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT READ UNTIL YOU FINISH THE BOOK!-
"I bet you guys didn't notice that I've been secretly writing love stories.
Really gritty, violent love stories, but still."

Karin Slaughter writes intense books but they are tempered by her sarcasm and wit, usually through the characters of Faith Mitchell and the always irascible Amanda Wagner.

You could probably read 'The Silent Wife' as a stand-alone but you will be missing the great depth of the characters and the events that developed it.

I can't wait for the next book in the series.

5 stars.

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