Life of Pi is a terrifying fiction starring Pi Patel on the most unbelievable journey of his life. It is wonderful and frightening, sparing no gruesome detail with its casual writing style. This novel may begin peacefully in India with animals, people, and places that seem overly mundane and simple, but when Pi finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere all of that changes. Martel writes in such a casual style that is far too easy to get swept up in. I highly recommended this for anyone seeking something different, and no doubt this novel would be excellent for any school book report. 5 stars
@EcoGeek23 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

A novel about mortality, survival and believing in a story that is actually fictional. If you are a fan of survival or faith, I would definitely recommend this novel to you. An Indian boy named Pi is on a journey where he experiences hallucinations due to being in a state of malnourishment. The novel consists of many symbols that represent Pi's faith such as a lifeboat, the ocean and a Bengal tiger. Being an Indian myself, it was amusing to read the explanations on Indian relationships, values, and culture throughout the novel. A very unique book based on religious beliefs, zoology, faith and much more. Give this novel a read! 5/5 stars
@Bookland of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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