This book should be considered a self help book because laughter is so needed in the world right now. I don't know if Jerry intentionally planned it this way, but God bless him.

I read a lot of this book on the 2nd anniversary of my husband's passing. It was an extremely difficult day, but instead of crying I found myself laughing to the point of tears, thanks to Jerry's humor. I think my husband would be happy to know that.

I love the way the book is written in general, with plenty of white space which gives it a neat appearance and makes it very quick and easy to read. There's even an index in the back.

The book is categorized by decade, starting with the 70s and ending in the 10s, in which he mentions the current state of the world, but in a humorous way .

For me, the funniest section was the 70s, especially the first joke he ever told about being left-handed. Some of the jokes I'd heard on his Netflix special, but a lot of them were new to me and I loved them.

The 80s chapter was pretty funny too and I loved the references to 80s culture.

Oddly enough my least favorite section was the 90s, which was, of course, the Seinfeld era. I'm not sure why, but maybe because I'd heard a lot of the jokes on Seinfeld so many times.

My favorite section was the 00s. Not only are the jokes hilarious but my husband and I saw him perform twice; once in Seattle on my birthday and once in Vegas at Caesars Palace. It wasn't quite the same as hearing them live, but just reading them again made me laugh and brought back wonderful memories.

The 10s were okay but not nearly as hilarious as the 00s. However, it was fun to read new stuff from him and laugh.

He doesn't go into detail about his personal life. Each chapter begins with a short story about his career in that era, so in a sense it's an autobiography of his comedy.

I'm so glad he wrote this book. It's truly a gift to those of us who are hurting. Thanks Jerry.

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