Not only is Paul Tremblay a really great and enjoyable author, he's stinkin' clairvoyant. How did he write and publish this eerily prescient horror novel in the first months of 2020 about a very very very very bad (dare I say rabid?) strain of rabies infecting the populace of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and possibly beyond? Hospitals are overrun, public resources are in turmoil due to a total failure of leadership in the White House and elsewhere, and political paranoia divides citizens in dangerous and violent ways. Needless to say, there will never be a better (or worse?) time to read this book than this very minute.
Tremblay brilliantly narrows his focus to two women - longtime best friends, one a calm, smart, and strong doctor and the other a very pregnant and possibly infected heroine of the first order. These women are simply trying to get across town, a journey of only several miles. And that's our entire book, and a palm-sweat-inducing, terrifying, can't-put-it-down book it is. I finished it in one afternoon.
Once again, Tremblay does not disappoint.

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