Blackwater The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army By Scahill, Jeremy Book - 2007

This book is IMPORTANT. It's almost 500 pages but it's well worth your time and effort. I actually recommend buying the book so you can underline sentences and write comments in the margins.
I suspect most people reading this already know about Blackwater. This book explains how Blackwater came to exist, how it functions, who it serves and I have to say it's damn scary.
This private army came about because of a "perfect storm" of situations. The volunteer military was having problems recruiting enough people for GW's adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan so hiring private "contractors" was tempting. Plus the international community wasn't very enthusiastic in supporting America's wars and so that caused a staffing deficit as well. Plus our country became increasingly anti-war and the President saw the advantage of having private companies carry out missions that the public would no longer support.
Sadly the private security companies such as Blackwater have spread their wings throughout the world and we all should worry about it. If they wanted to, they might be able to take over the world. I know that sounds like science fiction but I am not kidding.
Talk about this book with your friends and family. Write the Secretary of State, the Secretary of War, and President Obama and urge them to figure out how to get out from under this addiction to private armies of mercenaries. Hurry.

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