This Fight Is Our Fight
This Fight Is Our Fight The Battle to Save America's Middle Class By Warren, Elizabeth Book - 2017

This is an awesome book on many levels. Elizabeth Warren is an exceptional author who combines history lessons, economic lessons and real life stories to bring into focus the most pressing issues facing the country today. And she does it all in such well written prose so as to make one feel like you just sat down for a conversation with her instead of having read a book. At this particular juncture in time it is instructive to be reminded of how controversial the New Deal was at the time of its implementation, and that FDR was denounced as a socialist by many at the time. This is a clear-eyed vision of how perusing The American Dream is a much more difficult pursuit today than it was 50 years ago, and how that reduction in opportunity for the vast majority has fundamentally changed our country. She makes her case for building opportunity again and how that will strengthen our democracy.

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