Set in the year 1875 - River Of No Return (filmed in 1954) was something of a "Father & Son" tale where Robert Mitchum feigns toughness, Marilyn Monroe lip-syncs her songs, and Tommy Rettig (as Mitchum's on-screen boy) actually steals the show in this film's climatic finale.

*Note of Interest* - All of the exterior scenes for River Of No Return were shot in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, which included Banff National Park, as well.

Anyways - Considering all of the high-potential that clearly prevailed in River Of No Return, if you ask me, this picture certainly could have (and should have) been a helluva lot better than it was. When it comes right down to it - I put a lot of the blame for this film's disappointment factor squarely on the shoulders of its director, Otto Preminger.

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