Questions can be important, but answers are not always available. Just like the Baudelaires, who receive no real answers in this book, I myself have no answer as to why you continue to read this distressing story. Some answers we'll never know, though.

This book is full of misery and despair, beginning with a ride in a dark trunk and ending with a harrowing ride down a mountain. In these pages, Olaf uses lions and another fire to wreak mayhem at Caligari Carnival. With fewer answers and more questions, the Baudelaire orphans continue to try and solve the mysteries of their lives, all while enduring woeful situations and unfortunate events that seem to never end.

If you must pick up this book, then you will see more of said unfortunate events, but alas for you! You will need to pick up the next book to see what happens next. Why not just pick up a comedy instead?

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