Altho set in pre-civil-rights era Louisiana of the late 1940s, Gaines wrote and published this book in 1993.

It's heart-breaking book in many ways.

I was particularly affected by all the small, little ways of demonstrating that a person doesn’t matter. Incredibly damaging, event to read about it. I am a white woman, and a black friend visited Las Vegas, auditioning for a job. I gave him a life to the Strip. Stopped at a red light, I heard car door being locked around us. I couldn't believe my ears...! I commented on people using a red light stop to check their doors. Mario told, "Hey, not unusual in my experience..." I could not believe my ears.

It makes me think...
Gaines published this book in 1993.
I think he has a message for us, right now, today.

Have we changed at all? Does it still happen today?
How many of us are 'of good stock?' Do we act like it, or do we have unconscious, in-grained bad behaviors that slip out?
And there are still those of us who are not 'of good stock,' eh?

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