The second star is for the illustrations which are quite stunning. They were created with mixed media and digitally rendered. There are pictures of real objects hidden among the pages.

A girl tells 17 things she is not allowed to do anymore. The book has a cute premise that takes a nasty turn. The girl is not allowed to do the following things anymore:
Staple her brother's head to his pillow,
Glue her brother to the floor,
Tell her brother's fortune because she told him he would be eaten by hyenas,
Lie to the classroom that she owns beavers,
Show her underpants to a boy,
Set Joey's shoe on fire,
Throw food at her brother,
Treat her mother like a waitress at dinner,
Pretend to kill her mother at dinner using a doll,
Stick her fingers in her ears when her mother tells her to go to her room

This story jokes about these destructive and disturbing behaviors and then to add icing on the cake, instead of the child ever feeling bad, on the last page she says: "I had an idea to say the opposite of what I mean to trick everyone. I'm sorry. I am allowed to say the opposite of what I mean forevermore." She says I'm sorry while she hold the stapler behind her back and she hugs her mother. I AM HIGHLY DISTURBED BY THIS! This final scene itself is disturbing, but also the fact that this book celebrates lying, violence, meanness, and manipulation.
I would recommend this book to no one.

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