In Defense of Food
In Defense of Food An Eater's Manifesto By Pollan, Michael Book - 2008

Michael Polan is the guru of food. Real food. And he advocates for the eating of real food. His guiding mantra is “eat food”. By that he means real food; food that is recognizable as having come from a plants. His plants have not been genetically anythinged: they have not been adulterated. Avoid factory food that is more like the product of a chemistry set than the product of a farm. Don’t eat any food that comes with a list of ingredients, especially with more than five items in that list. Don’t eat any food with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
Avoid products with high-fructose sugars and avoid refined grains.
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Sage advice.
Never boring, never without intent, Polan once again offers up sound advice about how how we eat affects us and how it affects our environment. We are linked and how and what we eat, in addition to having a huge affect on our bodies goes well beyond sating our thirst and hunger as well as our messing with our health also has a wider effect on the nature that sustains us.
Polan rocks!
A must read.

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