Bottled up
Bottled up How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn't By Cobb-Barston, Suzanne Michaels Book - 2012

This is a great book for pregnant women, new mothers, lactation consultants and nurses. The book talks about how women are wrongly made to feel guilty/ashamed for having to, or choosing to, bottle feed. The book talks about the various reasons someone might choose the bottle and why this should not be held morally against them. A great read for anyone that has given their baby a bottle or anyone who works with women/babies and wants to gain a better understanding. The book is not anti-breastfeeding at all, rather it promotes that women should feel supported no matter which feeding method they choose. I wish she had gone a little more in depth in the chapter that talked about the research and sibling studies but overall an excellent and informative read that I would highly, highly recommend.

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