Sophie's World
Sophie's World A Novel About the History of Philosophy By Gaarder, Jostein Book - 2007

This book was an incredible read, one of those rare books that aren't quite like any other. It is also a book that is not for everyone. While the story is engrossing and captivating, large portions of it are taken up by philosophical monologues. I found these to be fascinating (I'm still thinking philosophically), but it may bore readers who are unused to such large amounts of information in fiction. But please don't let this turn you away—this book is one you don't want to miss! While its protagonist is a young girl, this is definitely one for adults and more sophisticated teenagers (tweens probably wouldn't enjoy it). Its philosophical material is complex but is explained in ways that nearly everyone could understand. Sophie is very entertaining and makes for a great protagonist.

My only trouble was with the ending. To avoid spoiling it, I will simply state that it was a letdown. The captivating plot seemed to start to fall apart, and while up until this point I had been enjoying the author's technique, it grew a bit too outrageous and seemed to happen much too fast to understand. It didn't seem an appropriate end to Sophie and Alberto's story. However, the last chapter does make up for it, and I was left feeling very satisfied, which is why I still rate it five stars.

If you have ever found yourself questioning the meaning of life, this book is for you. Do not miss this wondrous opportunity to learn about philosophy while reading a fabulous story pulled off by a brilliant author.

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