Sophie's World
Sophie's World A Novel About the History of Philosophy By Gaarder, Jostein Book - 2007

An amazing book, recommended for everybody. If you share an interest in philosophy this is a book surely recommended. Sophie, a 14 year old girl who lived about her daily life until one day she receives a mail by a mysterious person that asks her the question that philosophers where always trying to solve; Who are we? Where did we come from? The author shows her analysis in which a normal person would think and then the mysterious person tells her what it most philosophers have agreed on. The beauty about this book is that it doesn't always talk about different philosophical ideas and the history of philosophy, but it also talks about Sophie, her daily life, and later on she interacts with that mysterious man. I find that a good thing because most people would have most probably lost interest without a "break" from philosophy.
- @L of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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