I really liked the concept of this book: clones, betas, aquines, their role in society, etc. That was what gave the book its 3.5 stars.

I didn't like the storyline and how the authour chose to write it. There were many times in the story when I really wanted to give up on it and to stop me from thinking that, I had to read the last very page of the book to see if it had an interesting ending. It did. And that made me curious about the rest of the book, so I continued it. Although I knew there was an extremely interesting ending to the book, I had to skim most of the book.
Most of the book was dragged on too much. Instead of being 331 pages, I could imagine it being around 200 pages.

I would only recommend this book if you have nothing else to read. It isn't that bad of a book, but paranormal fans would be disappointed. In my opinion.

a_c's rating:
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