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TRoud created a list Mar 19 2020
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Reading and Thinking in the Quarantine

"As the world responds to a public health and economic crisis, largely through an unprecedented reduction or cessation of activity, you may find yourself with a little more free time than you expected. This is a form of free time that those in Cant..."
TRoud made a comment Jul 31 2019
"A fascinating, beautifully written debut book from Phil A. Neel detailing the complexities of social and political struggles in the near-'Hinterland' of exurbia, and post-industrial regions of the United States. Hinterland is a compelling meditati..." Permalink
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Over the last forty years, the landscape of the United States has been fundamentally transformed. It is partially visible in the ascendance of glittering, coastal hubs for finance, infotech and the so-called 'creative class'. But this is only the...
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Oxford University PressThe "Red" Federation of Labour began in the coal mines of the West Coast of New Zealand and grew to play a key role in the transformation of the Labour movement. This history of the Federation thoroughly examines the...
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