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STPL_JessH rated a title Jun 15 2021
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STPL_JessH made a comment Jun 14 2021
"This is quickly becoming a series I hate to admit I enjoy. It's SO wildly unbelievable * please note the time travelling dog * and yet the cliffhanger was so good that now I'm out here waiting for book four #facepalm." Permalink
STPL_JessH rated a title Jun 14 2021
STPL_JessH created a list Jun 14 2021
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Indigenous History Month 2021

"June is Indigenous History Month. This year, we are mourning the rising numbers of unmarked graves being discovered at former residential schools. We are sharing books and resources to help raise awareness of the importance of reconciliation, resp..."
STPL_JessH made a comment Jun 10 2021
"Malibu Rising is excellent! I could not wait to get back to it to keep reading and find out what happened?! Great back story, great characters, great setting, great summer read! What's not to love? The plot builds to the climactic event where all ..." Permalink
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