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zipread added a title to their For later shelf Jul 23 2021
In the Ancient World, one army was feared above all others. 401 BC. The Persian king Artaxerxes rules an empire stretching from the Aegean to northern India. As many as fifty million people are his subjects. His rule is absolute. The sons of...
zipread rated a title Jul 23 2021
zipread made a comment Jul 23 2021
"Avast me harties. The action is predominantly nautical in this historical fiction set at the time of the French Revolution with the British navy up against their French counterpart. Be prepared to enlarge your vocabulary of period sailing terms. T..." Permalink
zipread added a title to their Completed shelf Jul 23 2021
At the height of the French Revolution, Master and Commander, Charles Hayden is sent on a mission to sail his ship, the HMS Themis and his crew to destroy a French frigate sailing from Le Havre and gather intelligence from a royalist spy.
zipread made a comment Jul 19 2021

Midsomer Murders

DVD - 2017
"It’s not so long ago I was bitten by the Midsomer bug and it’s eerie theme. I’m glad to know that the collection of Midsomer is extensive: I’ll be able to look forward to many more hours of addictive viewing. Hurry up Mabel, get the coco and the m..." Permalink
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