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hesselugano made a comment May 21 2019
"On the whole, a rather underwhelming book which I certainly wouldn't recommend to Vancouverites who take a pride in their city. The book is researched and edited in a rather slipshod fashion. In Argentina Mr Palin visits the plastic-bottle-strewn ..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Apr 29 2019


DVD - 2006
"Wow, they don't make 'em like this anymore (thank goodness). This was a true "disaster movie"; however the disaster in this movie was not the depicted earthquake but the execrable script of George Fox and Mario Puzo. Mark Robson's underw..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Apr 24 2019
"An interesting and quite friendly book. Jim Baggott approaches this subject from a pragmatic perspective. My science teacher in 10th grade was from Yorkshire and he defined mass as "stuff'n matter". But this was way back in the 1960's w..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Apr 18 2019
"I purchased Robert Del Tredici's book many years ago while completing my photojournalism course at Emily Carr (College of Art and Design at that time). I admired his daring and innovative approach. Tredici managed to get some shots inside bomb fac..." Permalink
hesselugano made a comment Apr 08 2019

Coco Chanel

DVD - 2009
"Why does the VPL not allow hold requests for this DVD? I realize that the one copy the library owns is listed lost/damaged but the VPL permits holds on other "unavailable" materials that are on order. I would have liked to place a hold o..." Permalink
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