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Apr 10, 2018vm510 rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
Levy's memoir focuses on her miscarriage, her divorce to her wife who suffers from alcoholism, and her general confusion as to what next steps she should take in her personal life. I think Levy is a talented writer. I enjoyed the first third of the book most (especially learning about her career and making it on her own). However, towards the second half, I questioned the purpose of this book. I come to memoirs for bigger messages. I know life is not easy and can't be tied narratively into neat bows, but I think this book lacked a direction and a message. I actually didn't mind all the regrettable decisions she made, but I did mind how often she placed blame on others instead of analyzing her own bad decisions. This would've been a way more interesting memoir if we went more in-depth on why we make regrettable decisions and how do we change? I wish I learned more reading this, but I also understand how memoirs can be an emotional release. I hope this helped her with her loss.