The Body Keeps the Score

Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Mar 27, 2019
This book has a lot of information - research, anecdotes, statistics, all of these things that have been screaming at me in the form of symptoms that my loved one has had for years, all of these things that, in the end, I can do nothing actually for besides becoming more understanding and patient. Psychological injury during traumatic childhood is real. Developmental trauma disorder is real, and it infuriates me that the diagnosis never made it into the DSM. Instead, we get to throw multitudes of other conditions and names at a person and leave them to list it all off, time after time after time. I very much enjoy our good Dr. Van Der Kolk's style of speaking and storytelling; he seems like the caring professional I would love to have at my side in an investigation of the dark things. The stories he tells of those of his patients are extreme, and all too common. I came away from all of this with, at least, options and pathways to explore. I've recommended this work to several support groups already.