Jan 05, 2020IndyPL_SteveB rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The third and concluding volume of what I think is one of the very best fantasy-science fiction series ever written. Each of the volumes won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. The conclusion is exciting and satisfying, answering most of the questions we have had. The series is so intricate and surprising that there is no way to do much of a brief review without giving things away. If you like fantasy writing, this series should be Number One on your list to read. In *The Stone Sky*, the orogene Essun and her daughter Nassun have determined they must use the obelisks to capture the moon although, under the influences of different people and different Stone Eaters, the purposes of the two women are very different. Essun and her companions are leading the people of Castrima to a place where they can better survive this terrible Fifth Season. Nassun and Schaffa are trying to get to the world’s center of power, where the obelisks can be controlled. This is a fascinating combination of futuristic science fiction (with geology and astronomy as the “sciences”) with the magic and psychic powers of traditional epic fantasy. The characters have the deep flaws and wide variety of real people. It is a marvelously creative series.