Jun 22, 2020
Life is hard; why don’t we just quit? How did successful people get to where they are? Surely it wasn’t pure luck? Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth is an empowering and enlightening book, with many crisp replies to tired questions as the ones above. Grit, by definition, is the “power of passion and perseverance” and, according to many scientific studies, the most “significant predictor of success.” It was incredibly interesting—and satisfying—to read the author debunk a lie we’re constantly telling ourselves: “I believe effort matters more than talent.” The lie is not the sentence itself, but the “I believe” part. Sayings that value effort over talent are ubiquitous, but when it comes down to our involuntary judgments, we all value talent over effort. And after all, how could we not? We’re human, and we can’t help admiring talent. We are “distracted by talent.” Grit is neatly structured into three parts: what grit is, growing grit from the inside out, and growing grit from the outside in. Duckworth concisely explores the contributing factors in our lives of grit, which are anything but simple and straightforward. She does so with the aid of strongly supported studies and explanations of the psychology accompanying mental processes. Sensitively portraying the deeply ingrained, potentially dangerous mindset in our society that effort doesn’t matter, Grit is an eye-opening, powerful, and motivating must-read. @StarRead of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library