Jan 15, 2021LoganLib_Sheridan rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
I have some nostalgia for this book as I read it for uni (I think) nearly 9 or more years ago. I definitely resonate with a character who does all she can but still ends making stupid mistakes as she lets her imagination run away with her although my imagination isn't half as good as Anne's. Unfortunately, unlike Anne, I am still hoping to grow out of this phase. Let me just talk about the Netflix adaptation for a moment because it highlighted a few things for me about the book. The Netflix version started off as light and cheerful as the book but then started going in a downhill direction. This made me realise just how light and cheerful the book is and how it makes it a light and cheerful read. The one thing I did like was the improved relationship between Marila and Anne. i also like the relationship with Gilbert because it is very age appropriate and fits her character perfectly. It was good to see her grow throughout the book even if it did happen relatively 'instantaneously'. The book isn't as moralistic as a book of it's time could be and it's not as though Anne grows up well because she's learnt morals. She is just a good person and has two good parents bringing her up and supporting her. I think her mistakes do teach her things but not always and usually in subtle ways.