Mar 03, 2021RenaeP_KCMO rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Anne of Green Gables is a book that will make you fall in love with its "splendid" and "delightful" characters, but also throw you into the "depths of despair" along with its main character. This is a character-driven book that makes you deeply love the Anne, Marilla, Matthew and the other residents of Avonlea. Anne is smart and precocious and dreamy and imaginative. Marilla is strict and undemonstrative. Matthew is warm, shy, and loving. My favorite part of the story line has always been the ongoing academic competition between Anne and Gilbert Blythe, who is not to be forgiven for commenting on Anne's red hair when he first meets her. This is the first book in a six-book series that follows Anne through adulthood. I read the entire series when I was young, and read this first book with my 13 year old daughter this year. We adored it. And cried through the final scenes together. I recommend reading the final third of the book with a box of tissues handy.