Mar 22, 2021LoganLib_Sheridan rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
When starting this book I struggled with understanding the world-building but this didn't effect my engagement and eventually I understand more of what was going on in regards to world-building. It was definitely worth the perseverance. This book holds no punches. There are people 'encouraged' to breed. An institution that subjugates roggas - tells them they are the only ones that can make them safe and worthy of society. There are definitely parallels to racism here and they are done masterfully. This book is very inclusive. There is a trans characters and the main character is in a poly-amorous relationship. I've never thought I would want to read about that but it was done so well. It probably helped that the reader saw two of the triad as a couple (but also not) already. 'Baster was my favourite character despite not exactly being the main character because he was the wise old mentor with a wicked sense of humor that probably only worked so well because of Syen's own humour. The twist at the end blew my mind although I think one of my bookclub group readers almost ruined it for us! It certainly makes me interested to see what happens in the next book because now I have questions about the parts of the story that weren't included in this book! There is just so much to take in from this book. And I feel like we're only just scraping the surface of this world. I need more history of how things got this way. I think this series is definitely looking to expand things in that direction as it moves forward on how to fix them.