Mar 23, 2021CMLibrary_Veronica rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This book you guys - holy crap. It took me five hours to finish this book and part of me wishes I would’ve reveled in it just a bit longer. I’ve never really had a book that I’ve loved so much that I wished I could read it again for the first time, but this is definitely one of those!! I have a book wishlist of books I’ve already read, that I loved so much, that I want to have in my own personal library and this book made the list within the first few pages. This book encapsulates everything I love about music and the way it makes me feel. Along with books, music is one of my biggest passions and something I cherish so much. Reading this book, it took me back to my concert days - when I was seeing my favorite bands a couple times a year, sitting on stages, going to meet-and-greets and Warped Tour, and buying merch. Taylor Jenkins Reid is a force in this novel. It is so well written, the twist towards the end, each of the characters being so developed and so important to the story, the intricacy, the way you root for them and then you’re mad at them, the attachment she forces you to have, like you can’t help it, you have no choice in the matter. It’s incredible. I can’t say enough good things. I’ve had so many people tell me I need to read Evelyn Hugo now that I’ve read Daisy Jones and I am eager to get my hands on it!!!