May 09, 2021NedSu rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
I feel like this book is a by product of a bet he made- and we lost. Win is a presence in the Myron Bolitar books, but is best take in small doses. Corben seems to have wearied over the Bolitar novels so perhaps his muses told him to write about Win and only mention Bolitar in passing. To amuse himself, Corben must have decided to create the mos repulsive protagonist he could conjure up. Win has no socially redeeming values, his deeds and actions are deliberately cruel or violent. The result of this bet is a Harlan Corben story that suffers from that conceit. Even the plot as it develops is telegraphed so the reader figures the twists and turns out pretty quickly, and there is no surprise at the ending.