How a House Built a Family
Jul 08, 2021ryner rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Following her escape from an abusive relationship, author Cara Brookins resolves to give her four children a fresh start. An idea that initally seems far-fetched, for the five of them to build their own house from the ground up, soon begins to seem like a real possibility as they begin drawing house plans and watching how-to videos. Brookins alternates between chapters describing the exhausting and inspirational building process and chapters detailing the distressing life they were leaving behind. Brookins' and her children's strength is incredible. I find it impossible to imagine undertaking an initiative of this size when I can barely wrap my head around the amount of work involved in finishing my basement. Though it was exhilarating to read about Brookins' massive home-building project, be forewarned that the chapters dealing with her previous relationships are dark and chilling. Kudos to the entire family on their achievements.