Jul 14, 2021pacl_teens rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
"The moon is coming, and unless someone forces it into its normal orbit the end is coming. At the same time, Nassun deals with the shock of killing her own father and decides to open a gate that will likely result in her death. Determined to stop her, Essun travels across the to stop her daughter’s terrible fate. Essun hopes to create a world where orogene children can grow up in peace. However, her daughter views her as evil and is manipulated out of moving the moon into alignment. The book wrapped the series up nicely and exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the topic of hate because it made the book very interesting and relevant to current events. Also, the pacing was nice and definitely better than the previous two books. The story was intense when it needed to be, keeping me engaged at all times. In addition, similar to the other books the world-building was fascinating and interesting. Overall, an interesting and engaging story that concluded the series very well." -Michael, Grade 10