Aug 22, 2021shathhh rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Katharine McGee’s “American Royals” follows an alternate society where America is a monarchy as opposed to a democracy. When George Washington became King George of America, generations later came three royal children. The oldest daughter, Beatrice, is soon to be the first queen of America, who struggles with familial and romantic conflicts whilst remaining in the spotlight. Beatrice’s younger sister, Samantha, struggles with being in the shadow of her perfect sister, especially as a rebellious soul who is in love with someone she cannot be with. Her twin, Jeff, is the perfect person with two opposing girls fighting for him. This story follows these characters in living life in the public eye. I enjoyed this book and was constantly kept on edge. The ending left me in so much shock. I liked the different perspectives that were displayed throughout the novel, yet did not really care for or pity Daphne. Though this was not the most relatable, the drama, secrecy, and betrayals were quite fascinating. That being stated, I wish that the book delved more into history, politics, and the differences between monarchy and democracy. The novel focused on the experience of royalty, but I wished that it included more about how their decisions differed from a society like ours. In essence, this was an entertaining book that I would recommend.