Aug 24, 2021shathhh rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Tahereh Mafi’s “Shatter Me” follows Juliette Ferrars, a teenager with a deadly power - her touch can kill people. As a result, she was confined into an asylum until a new cellmate, Adam, forever changed her life. Throughout this novel, Juliette discovers appalling secrets, is faced with life-threatening decisions, and navigates new relationships; all the while, the world falls to its remains. This dystopian adventure starts off the series with suspense and page-turning events. For the most part, “Shatter Me” was well written - the writing style was definitely distinct. The way in which Juliette was portrayed was incredible - I felt the consequences of her alienation and all the emotions involved throughout her journey. Moreover, the plot was quite fascinating and intriguing; I never found myself losing interest and looked forward to reading each new chapter. I loved the characters, their varying stories, and how their characteristics developed. However, I did feel that the plot was a bit too rushed. Furthermore, I thought that the storyline was a bit predictable; it was very expected that Juliette’s love interest and enemy are immune to the downfalls of her power. That being stated, this was a great novel that I would recommend.